Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Now on hold

So after debating yesterday, talking myself in and out of the decision to buy an iphone, I was ready -- doing it! Refurbished 16 gb. Going for it. I log on today and BAM! Account past due. No upgrade for you missy. Past due meaning, it was due yesterday, not like 2 months ago. I'll have to wait until Thurs. to pay my bill and orrder my new phone. Tick Tock Tick Tock

I'm taking off work on Friday, spending some time with my momma at Canton. I hope the weather is nice. I really just go to look at overpriced, handmade crafts and EAT. corn dog and funnel cakes are calling my name. I've been to dog alley once. My mom won't let me go, because she knows I would walk out of there with an overpriced, puppy mill, sickly dog and be heartbroken when it doens't survive. Boo...

On another note, I the v.secret stuff I ordered last week has shipped! I hope this weekend my honey and I can go out on the town and I can dress up in my new kicks! :-) MUAH!

On the verge

Yesterday I logon to att.com to see the date (again) that I'm eligible for the iphone and much to my surprise, it's NOW! Well, I didn't budget a new phone so I was a bit bummed, but thinking I could somehow scramble and make it work. Hmmmm.
Do I really want to be obligated to pay $30 extra per month for data service? Is a refurbished phone just as good as a new one? How may GB do I need? Do I need the new 3GS? Do I really NEED an iphone?

Monday, September 28, 2009

Things I cannot live without

I think the list is meant to be kept to a minimum, making each "thing" even more special.

  1. My Family (this includes parents, love muffin, my boys and friends. my friends are my handpicked family)
  2. Dr. Pepper (sorry, but I can't seem to knock this one)
  3. Cell Phone (just to keep in contact. I'm not a huge phone talker)
  4. Internet
  5. Shoes (duh!)
  6. Etsy (can you say SERIOUS addiction)
  7. TV - Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Housewives, Brothers & Sisters, Khloe Kardashian
  8. My camera. I just have a small, portable version but this year I hope to upgrade to a SLR
  9. Music. it inspires me and lifts me up
  10. My dogs

So these were the best I could come up with off the top of my head.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Woo Hoo it's Friday!

TGIF! nothing planned for the weekend but hopefully it will be pleasant.

I ordered some shirts from victoria's secret today. I returned some items and had a gift card that was burning a hole - plus, since I've consigned a lot of clothes, I open the closet and see nothing to wear, except for the same things, over and over again. Anyway, used gift card, some online offers and only paid $3 out of my pocket. That's awesome.

Love muffin will be home tonight. I tried calling him last night, becasue the power went out in 1/2 of the house -- I wasn't sure what to do and my biggest concern was Grey's Anatomy was coming on -- I couldn't miss it! He didn't answer or respond to my texts so I hoped that he was on his way home and planning to surprise me...no such luck. Tonight he will be back!

State Fair of Texas starts today. I really want to go this year. We went last year after the TX/OU game (want to go there again too) and enjoyed some fried treats. The fried bacon was overrated.

Wishing all my peeps a fun filled weekend!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Off the box

the soapbox, that is. Margarita in hand....all is good.

Bitching blog aka my life

Seriously -- this is it? I have been so incredibly frustrated today.

I feel an extreme disconnect with my kids and their school. I seriously don't know how I manage to balance full time work with full time mommy. Believe me - NOT easy and not much can compare....no working late nights, early mornings, on your feet or off. This is 24/7. There is no OFF switch. Being a parent NEVER EVER ends. I've got mr. social butterfly who is slacking on his school work and will soon be grounded for months; sweet little mason that doesn't get his way and turns into a devil; and french fry who has reverted to a 2 yr old with his meltdowns and the only way to get him back, is.....treat him like a 2 year old. He's 6!

Den had to go back to Tulsa today, so I saw him for like 30 minutes tops. He'll be home for the weekend.

UGH. Now mason doesn't want to get in grandma's car because he wants to play with his friend, the answer was no. God bless my mother who deals with these tantrums in person, while 45 miles away, I get to blog about it.

Susan said it best....I am a walking advertisement for birth control!


The PINK concert was awesome -- great performance. Ting Ting's were good but I don't know but a couple of their songs. So much fun. Interesting crowd. I haven't seen that many mullets since a monster truck show back in high school. I went with my friend Sandie, her daughter and a friend. We decided to grab a quick bite to eat at Hooter's, then headed to the AA Center. We arrived early so the girls got t-shirts and sandie and I settled on an ice cold alcohol treat. The theme for the concert was "playhouse" so it was carnival-like, which was cool except for the clowns, which I am terrified of. I know -- too many horror movies back in the day. Great night, great show. Thanks sandie.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mumbo Jumbo

The swine flu is attacking America. Mason's been sick, thought he had strep but turned out to be a viral infection. Dalton's been coughing his head off this week. I'm shocked that he's made it through school each day.

Tonight Sandie & I are going to the PINK concert. I'm super excited. Wish it were on a weekend, but at the most, I'll be tired in the morning, which is no different than any morning.

Den is away on business this week. He's coming home for a softball game, going back, and returning on Friday. I so miss him when he's away.

I took clothes to consignment. While they were going through my fall clothes, I wandered around the store and only saw 2 items of mine - I hope that means everything sold and I'll make mucho $ from it. My contract expires 10/10 so it won't be long before I find out

Rylan's birthday is next month. He's been fickle about where he wants to have it. First it was bowling, now it's Flip Fusion. This is obviously a big decision for a big boy -- he'll be SIX!

The boys had their photos taken on Sunday. After all the rain, it was nice to be outdoors. Rylan had a few meltdowns but it wasn't out of control. Tiffani did a good job. She's given me a "sneak peek" on the photos... www.tmsphotography.blogspot.com
We have family photos scheduled in a few weeks. I need to figure out what we're all wearing.

Friday, September 18, 2009


Crazy, busy week. The rain is depressing but the forecast for the weekend is promising. The boys are having pictures taken on Sunday. I'm super excited. Since I'm an aspiring photographer (maybe in my next life), I soak in the direction from photographers and try to pick up on things that may not be obvious to the naked eye.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Found Fred!

great news for an otherwise non-great Monday. He was over a mile from home, and in an area that I would have NEVER looked, had Animal Control not told me they spotted him. He hasn't been eating well over the last 3 days, but other than that, he looks fine. The kids and dogs were so excited to see him. He jumped on the bed and rolled around with Georgia. They are so friggin cute together.

There are 120 players in 7th grade football since no player is turned away. That said, they split into 3 teams, A, B and C. Dalton is on the C team, which I'm saying means Cool team. Yea. So I get to the game last night about 6ish. A team plays. it rains. B team plays. it rains. i'm cold, tired and wet. majority of those in the stands had already seen their kids play, so they leave. rain, rain, rain. 9:00....C team takes the field. Remember watching little kids play soccer and they all just stay in a pack, around the ball. repeat for football. The ball kept slipping from the rain, every play they had to get a dry ball. I don't know if this team has had the least experience (i.e. no pee wee football). Finally, at 10:00, the game is over. Did I mention my kids and I haven't eaten yet? Yea...apparently, they don't open concessions for jr. high football - another thing I wish I'd known beforehand. So I go to JITB, grab some tacos, head back to the field house to pick up dalton, load up his bike, go home and get everyone settled and ready for bed. EXHAUSTION!!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Oh Monday

my favorite day of the week....NOT! The weekend sucked. Lost dog, sick kid, rain, rain and more rain. I've decided I'm a person affected by the weather. :-( It's supposed to stop Wednesday/Thursday, so I have to make it a few more days. Dalton has a football game and so far, it's still ON. seriously? It's been raining since last Thursday. UGH! See....I'm pissy.

I started working on a flyer for Freddie. SPCA is closed today. Put an ad in the paper. Left a message for animal control. I hope we find him!!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

What a day...

This morning didn't start off so well. Our big love dog, Fred, escaped last night. We brought him in the house and had the window open, apparently sometime during the night, he jumped out. I've called the pound, spca, vet. No luck, but I'm hopeful.

My morning:
Mason woke up with a barking cough. He's sick. Called the dr. for an RX
Dropped presley at the groomer (he hates me)
Drove around looking for freddie
Took rylan to wal mart to get a gift for his friend's b-day party
Came home
Looked for freddie
Took rylan to the party
Dr. called - wants to see Mason
Took mason to the doctor
Went to HEB to buy groceries
Drove around looking for freddie
Unloaded groceries
About to start gumbo for dinner

It's only 1:30. I'm beat!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Good Golly it's Friday

I'm SO ready for the weekend. No big plans, Rylan is going to a birthday party tomorrow. Mason can go to one on Sunday if someone else can't go. I think it was a last minute invite or a pressured invite. :-) I'm sure dalton has grandiose plans but nothing has been brought up YET. Oh yes, it will be -- 3:36 I will get a call, "mom, can I ......." I'm looking forward to watching What Not to Wear and enjoying a bottle, ahem glass of wine.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I love this holiday. Always have. My kids think they're too old to dress up, but not me. This year love muffin and I are planning to be Pocahontas and Davy Crockett. I'm hoping to look for material to make our costumes this weekend. It's only 6 weeks away. I've tried to convince the boys to be 3 blind mice, but they're not buying it. :-(

Football Season

After much debate, dalton decided to join football. I've managed to keep him out for 12 years and thought I could succesfully continue to do so, but that didn't happen. The first scrimmage was Monday and there were -- wait for it -- 120 kids! They're supposed to separate them into 2-3 teams so everyone can have a shot at playing. I was quite nervous but once we got there, the game was exciting, even if my child wasn't playing.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's what.....?

Seriously, September? Seems so foreign, that my autofill feature in word didn't recognize Sept. wow. this morning was much more productive than yesterday. we even had time to pop something in the microwave and toaster and eat breakfast.

with september, i envision cool evenings and a stroll in the neighborhood. we'll see if the forecast agrees.

Next week is a 4-day week. I even forgot about the Labor Day holiday. what to do

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