Thursday, March 31, 2011

I took the first step

one day at a time....that's the best way to look at this. The good news? I signed up for weight watchers this morning (go me!). The bad news? My breakfast & morning dr. pepper's have used 1/2 of my daily points. Yikes!!! I joined today so I could look over the food choices, etc so when I go grocery shopping on Sunday, I buy the things I should (fruits & veggies), not the things I want (little debbie, blue bell). I may have to give up real dr. pepper. Ugh. This pains me! I've committed to 3 months. I am hoping (fingers crossed) that I will see results in 3 months so I'll stick to it for the long-term. Tomorrow I'm going to Canton and I WILL try the crepes that I saw someone eating last month, and I'll probably have a corn dog, but maybe I'll replace my dr. pepper with water...small changes....Wish me luck~

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

All over the place...

I just skimmed over my blog to see what I've been talking about this week and realized that I need to utilize a small little button with a check mark...aka spellcheck. Every teh jumped out at me! I must dote on my loving hubby for a minute. He is SO....FRIGGIN....AWESOME. Every single day I feel blessed to have such an amazing partner. I don't know what I did to deserve him. I just hope I'm doing a good job at expressing how much I truly appreciate every thing he does for me. Okay, this is a biggie. Are you sitting? of course you are... Last week, Friday to be exact, I started researching diets. I was especially interested in the hcg diet. Funny, when you are not looking closely, it looks like HOG diet. LOL. So I posted on my facebook asking for any experience with or knowledge of the hcg diet. hog. I got several replies, most everyone recommended it. It's a calorie restrictive diet, only 500 calories per day, but the hcg drops curb your appetite enough that you don't feel like you are starving. Sounds easy enough, right? Well....probably okay for the average guy or gal, but since I'm hoping to be pregnant by/in the summer, and hcg is a hormone produced in pregnancy, well, my dear friend convinced me that it's probably not the best idea. But I still want to lose weight now I'm considering Weight Watchers. I just suck at diets. I really do. I lack motivation. I lack willpower. I'm still doing some research but I know the best way to lose is diet and exercise and to keep it off, I need to develop healthy eating habits. I'm pretty sure the justaburger from whataburger that I had for breakfast does not fit well into the weight watchers plan. **sigh**

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Baseball Scrimmage

M had a scrimmage last night. Since I'm juggling three boys & practices, mostly either overlapping or at the same time, I've missed M's practices & haven't seen his baseball SKILLZ..... Last night he Rocked! He pitched very well. I'm so proud of him!

Shopping anyone?

I live close enough to Canton, Texas to enjoy First Monday Trade Days when my schedule & the weather allows. Check out their schedule. I love this place. You can find just about anything and I mean that. Last month I bought a super cute baseball shirt and the same co. has a coupon for Canton for 20% off -- which makes their shirts more affordable :-) Here's the one I might buy this month...or one that says "Make Cupcakes Not War" Saweeeeeet! You can check them out here I'm going with my mom, sis (V), niece and GREAT niece. We had loads of fun last month so I'm sure it will be great. I'm more excited about being OFF WORK! I should probably help my hubby love do something house-related, but .... I'm not. He doesn't mind though.

Monday, March 28, 2011

I puffy heart baseball

My kids are my world. Seriously, everything I do is surrounded by whatever they are doing. I love those boys. The last month has been consumed by baseball practice. We had practice 6 days a week, sometimes multiple practices on teh same day. Yesteday we got our schedule for teh season and with three boys playing, my schedule is a FULL 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper, through May 27th! I skipped D's game on Sunday because I had too much to do at home and all three had practice that afternoon, so the morning game was out. He plays select although he's not really "select" material at this point, so he spends a lot of time warming the bench. Whatever~ Games start this weekend, and I can't wait to watch my boys play - they've been practicing so hard!

Hair Dilemna

I'm such a sucker for new products. Actually, I'm a self professed beauty product junkie. If I took a picture of my bathroom shelving or my make up bag, its a mumbo jumbo of products, most I like until I run out, but I'm always up for trying something new. Last week my hair was a wreck. I hadn't changed much of my routing but both my skin and hair were making me crazy. My skin is breaking out, my hair looked fried, frizzy and just gross. If my hair sucks, it really affects my entire mood. My sweet niece is a hairdresser and I talked to her about getting a Brazilian blowout to fight the frizzies. In the meantime, I decided to color my hair, sometimes I notice a difference after coloring, plus the last time I colored, I used a 28-shampoo color so it was faded. I had a coupon for the new John Frieda color foam which claims to be less messy. Ha! I had this crap all over the cabinet, my shirt....I think it was more messy than the traditional gel color that I normally use. Don't think I'll spend the $12 again, but the color is pretty and shiny (see, it DOES looks better after color).

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Have I ever mentioned that I have a ridiculous login password to my blogger, a bit of an ego stroker I suppose. Everytime I log in, it makes me laugh a little.

It's spring break and the highlight I guess is that our house got TP'd one night and "yarned" another....we're guessing they were out of toilet paper and yarn is all they could find. So last night my boys decided they wanted to tp and they did....a neighbor kid who was actually with them, which made it even more odd. They (my 3 boys plus 2 friends) decided to pull an all-nighter. They were still awake when I got up at 7. Oh the joys of being young.

The boys are with their SD this weekend and after this week of them being home, I will welcome the quiet time and most definitely plan to sleep in.

I guess my body is finally getting back to normal, whatever that may be, and I'm getting the fever again. I know we still have to wait a few more weeks before officially trying, but I'm ready.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Baseball Season

I am so super excited about baseball season. Luckily, all three of my boys love baseball. Now, we're not eat, sleep, breathe baseball kinda of people, but nonetheless, we do love it. D has been practicing for several weeks now. M & R have their first practice tonight. I told them to get dressed around 5:00 and I would be there about 5:30 to pick them up, my mom said she picked up R, he went straight into his room and got dressed. Excited much?

I was at Canton over the weekend and got this adorable shirt. I'm not a "MOM" shirt wearing gal, but I loved this one....and so what, I AM a mom!

You can get yours at

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Kardashian Love

I love, love, love the Kardashians. I realize they are famous for being famous, but the insight to their family cracks me up. For CHristmas I bought myself Kardashian Konfidential...yes, I am a little obsessed.'

My hubby made fun of me and my love for "picture books" as he calls them. Yes, there were lots of pictures. Family photos, recipes, likes/loves, etc. One of the things Kim noted she loved was a nailpolish by Orly, called Confetti. Immediately I started my search for Confetti nail polish. Let me interject real quick by saying, I love nail polish, but I mostly wear it on my toes because my fingers get messed up too easily. Great Kim, thanks for the info but its 2011 and the polish was debuted in 2009. Hardly an up & coming item that anyone could find. I found it.....and purchased it......for $16.23 including shipping, on good ole ebay.

I know this is a ridiculous price to pay for a bottle of nailpolish but I look at it this way, if I don't LOVE it like Kim does, I'll ebay it & get my money back....I hope.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I promise to blog better

Seriously, December since my last blog? ha! So much has happened since December. Dare I even dive in? Ahhhhh, I will briefly touch on it. Christmas ~ Holidays ~ Chaos. I love the holidays. Love - LOVE. I have a very large family so any holiday is loads of fun and smiles, and babies, and did I mention chaos? Nah, wasn't too bad actually. We have two new babies in the family Braxton (September) and Mia (November) so the holidays were so much fun. I remember when my babies were "the" babies -- now D is all of 14, going on 30. December complete.

My DH and I have decided that adding to our brood is a great idea, I mean, when you have three...what's one more? Honestly! We were ecstatic to see that little pink plus sign on the pregnancy test mid-January. We wanted to keep it quiet, but we were so dang excited. The boys found out by seeing an app on my phone about pregnancy - oops, cats out of the bag. My DH told some friends when he was playing cards with the guys, who then told their spiraled. I've always heard you wait until 3 months to tell, Just in case. I never followed that "rule" per se. The kids told their friends, we told my mom....and the rest is history -- everyone knew. I felt like I was ballooning quickly, but by #4 - what do you expect. We went to our 8 week checkup, excited, nervous. My DH has no children of his own so the sonogram experience is all new. Dr. starts looking.....three sacs, no heartbeat. Three sacs? WTH? We were heartbroken. Here we were, all excited to see the very first glimpse of the life we created and in a moments time, it was shattered. The dr. assured us the the pregnancy was not viable but we were to come back in a week. A week was a very long time. 2nd visit - 2 sacs, no heartbeat. I came into work, although looking back I'm not sure why, because I blubbered my way through the day. After the 3rd visit, we had to make a decision. My body was not letting go, and in order for me to emotionally let go, I decided to have a D&C. The anticipation was the worse part of it, I was out during the procedure and pretty much slept the afternoon after it was done. I'm moving on, and after our follow up appointment tomorrow, we plan to try again.

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