Sunday, December 13, 2009

Fa La La La La

Whew - what a weekend. Friday night we celebrated by brother Lynn's 50th birthday with a surprise party at my sister, Gay's house. Although he was not surprised, I think he still had a good time. When you have a big family, a birthday is a good reason to get together!

Saturday was the much anticipated "doggie day", as Rylan called it. We volunteered at the Ellis County SPCA. I wasn't sure what to expect. When I called Friday to confirm, I was told we should come at 1:00 for "training". Okay - whatever. Well, we walked in, told them we were there to volunteer, handed our application and the fun began. 2 dogs at a time, we could take them outside to the fenced area, keep them separated - have fun. Dalton started with a sweet chocolate lab named Marilyn. She was a charmer. She wiggled her way out of the kennel as soon as the door was cracked and wiggled her way even further into our hearts. Dalton took her to fenced area 1, picked up a ball, threw it....and forgot to let go of her leash.....she dragged him through the grass, poop, everything. The other boys and I were laughing so hard we were almost crying!

I made sure we spent time with every doggie there, so as not to hurt anyone's feelings. This gal was preggers, and was a sweetheart

Then we went to the kitty room. After I lost both of my cats to old age, I swore I'd never again have a cat, but the kitties were oh so sweet.....Soft and cuddly and purring in your ear. :-)

After our doggie day, we went to the movies to see The Blind Side...finally everyone else saw it. The theater was still full, but wow - what a great movie. You walked out and just felt good!

Today my love muffin went out of town for work (again) and won't be back until Thursday. I miss him already.

I've got a busy week ahead....Friday is the big Christmas party at Ry's school (I'm room mom) and hopefully afterwards, we'll go over to mason's party at his school....Lot to prepare.

Friday, December 11, 2009

friday blubbering

that's about all this blog will be -- blubbering, about the fifty thousand thoughts swimming in my mind.

we had family pix taken, i bought the cd so i could order christmas cards, still haven't decided on a card design, still haven't ordered - may not make it out this year :-(

december 27th will mark the one year anniversary of the birth and death of my sweet little nephew logan. my heart aches knowing what my brother and sis-in-law must be feeling. you never expect these things to happen close to home and when it does, it shatters your heart.

my sis in law (shannon)'s mother was diagnosed last week with an aggressive type of cancer. she chose not to endure chemotherapy and the family is makign the most of the time they have left with her.

tomorrow (12/12) my 2nd oldest brother lynn turns 50! we're celebrating 50 years of LIFE with him. tonight. i still have to figure out what else I'm making for the party...baked potato dip and.... ?????

i agreed to be rylan's room mom. next friday (12/18) is their christmas party and i'm basically "in charge". i've had some feedback from a few mom's but pretty much winging it. i have 24 5/6 years olds to impress, i'm a little flustered. i have to plan the crafts and get everything to make them work -- maybe this weekend i'll have time to sit down and review my list.

i REALLY want to teach my kids to be selfless. i know its an age thing, but dalton is all about dalton. the world revolves around him, what he wants, where he wants to go, how he wants to do anything. it is very frustrating. as a parent, you learn (quickly) to put your kids before yourself. i know i was all about me earlier in life and its a lesson i learned and adapted to. i can't expect my 12 year old to understand, can i? start is that tomorrow we begin our volunteer work for the spca of ellis county. i have a huge heart for animals and my kids do too, so i decided that would be something they would enjoy and help with - and learn about helping others and not being so self centered.

On a positive note, my eyelashes are ROCKIN' today!

i really want a nice, sit down lunch. i need sandie time. i hope she's free.

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