Monday, March 30, 2009


First thing is first. I'm off the weight watchers bandwagon. I know -- it didn't take long. I've realized I like to "buck the system" and I do just that. Call me a bit of a rebel.

Dalton constantly makes plans with his friends and sometimes they don't include parents in the planning. Rylan, at 5 yrs old, has taken to the "sleep over" idea. I don't just let my 5 yr old run off to spend the night with anyone...Actually, I've only let him stay with his cousin Lucas. He has a really good friend, Brady that he talks about frequently. On Thursday, after I dropped off Rylan, I walked out with Brady's mom. Jennifer and I were talking and I said, we need to exchange numbers so the boys can have a sleep over. She asked me to give her my number and she'd to the same. I told Rylan and I think used it as leverage to get him up Friday morning. I give him a piece of paper with my info to give to Brady's mom. Friday afternoon I get home, we have multiple baseball practices and am busy getting changed and ready for practice. I ask where the little boys are. Mom says, Mason is down the street, Rylan is still at school. WHAT? School? Why didn't anyone pick him up. Mason went in to pick him up and Rylan told his teacher he was staying with Brady. Mason told Grandpa and they left. Hmmmmmm. Of course since he was so excited, he apparently thought it was planned for IMMEDIATELY. I thought it would be tough to get him out of school but he had a big grin on his face when he saw me. Little stinker!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Baby steps

I am allowed 26 points per day. I've consumed 18 thus far. No dr. pepper. Baby day at a time. I think my best means of this working for me is to plan, plan, plan my meals. Breakfast is a tough one to begin with because I don't really care for eggs (the base for most breakfast meals). This morning I had 1/2 slice of toast, only because I was putting jelly on toast for the boys and I cut the bread and snuck a slice. Then I got to work and was starving so I had 1/2 c of oatmeal. By 10:30 I was ravenous! I ate my 100 calorie pringles and was fine until lunch. Tonight we're having some sort of pasta with pesto sauce, mushrooms and hmmm.....what else is in the pantry?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Weight Loss

Oh how I wish I could find the magical pill. A few things have opened my eyes. #1 - I'm not getting any younger and it will only become more difficult to lose weight. #2 - my clothes from last summer are fitting a little snug. It would be a great excuse to buy more clothes but I don't have the money NOR do I want to upsize. #3 - I'm not so happy with the way I look or feel and no one can change that except me, so I have to get my butt in gear. My sis and I enjoyed a lovely lunch today and then swore off Dr. Pepper. I joined weight watchers online. Even though my vacation is in 2 weeks, I'm sure I'll fall off the wagon a bit, but...I have to get healthy. So, here goes...

Rylan went to Sea World

My brother (Jon) and his wife (Jenny) were taking their son (Lucas) to Sea World for the weekend and they asked Rylan to go. They left Fri. morning and spent the weekend in San Antonio (one of my favorite places). Rylan came home yesterday afternoon and could not stop talking about all of the things he saw and did. He saw Shamu and a girl was standing on his (Shamu's) forehead. He got to pet a shark, not a big shark, but a baby shark. He high-fived a stingray but it didn't sting him because it didn't have a stinger. He saw penguins (and he had to imitate their walk) but they were behind a glass so he didn't know if they were stinky. Oh, how I love the naivety of children.

Very Strange

Last october someone left a note on my car window. I sent a copy to a friend who is a police officer and he said I should be aware of my surroundings. This "person" hasn't done anything and it could be compeltely harmless so there was nothing they could do.

Yesterday morning I was outside with the dogs, then I was back out on the front porch taking apart my vacuum cleaner. My street is busy and there are ALWAYS people walking, jogging, bike riding -- to me, it's part of the scenery, nothing I notice. I decide to watch the marathon of America's Next Top Model, watch a few episodes and then get in the car to go grab a bite to eat. There it is...a note~ It's the same person, same handwriting, said, "I saw you this morning". Then goes on to say, "I think you're seeing someone". Okay, so now I am a little freaked out. Needless to say, I didn't get much sleep last night ~~ damn stalker!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

This sucks

Dalton is in BIG trouble for skateboarding to McDonalds yesterday. He will be grounded for two weeks. Do you know how hard it is to enforce grounding? Ugh. So....I'll be updating his progress as well as mine during his 2-wk grounding spell. Wish me luck

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Up and Up

I went to the dermatologist yesterday because I haven't been in a couple of years for a full body scan -- just to check any freckles or moles that look suspicious. All turned out to be okay.

Mom had some cancerous cells removed from her nose last week, she's healing and goes today to have her stitches removed.

My brother Ray (Gordon Ray Seymore), has been approved for a kidney transplant. If you or anyone you know are interested in donating one of your kidneys, go to and Donor Info for more information. This is such a blessing just cross our fingers for a kidney.

I'm on the countdown to my trip to Puerto Vallarta. I seriously cannot wait!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


I am obsessed with cleaning my ears. I stick the q-tip so far, I think I can feel it tickle my eardrum. Ahhhhhhhh. I was stuck in traffic this morning for 2 hours (I just love commuting) so aside from reading Breaking Dawn, I started cleaning my ears. That's how obsessive it is -- I carry q-tips IN MY CAR. ~ End of Story ~ (told you it was random)

Beep (pause 5 seconds) Beep (pause 5 seconds)

I woke up at 4 AM yesterday morning to this sound. Actually, the cold was blowing in so I went through the house to close windows. Beep.....Beep.....Beep When I realized that no one else was there to check it out, I got up and went to the hallway. I stood under the smoke detector and continued to hear it. I go out into the laundry room to get the ladder (good thing I keep it indoors), climb up and remove the battery. Go to the kitchen and dig for a 9V battery... I finally found one. Climb BACK up the ladder, install the battery, close the ladder, put it back in the laundry room, start walking back to bed and ... BEEP.....BEEP.....BEEP ~~ WTF? so I stand there like it's going to say, hey tobey, it's me beeping. Remember it's 4 AM. I somehow remember that I have a carbon monoxide detector in the hallway but it's plugged in. I unplug it - the beeping stops. Why does it have a battery AND plug into the wall?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Busy Bee

I so don't have time to blog but my brain is overflowing with thoughts!

I'm trying to come up with some arts & crafts for the kids next week at grandma's so they (my parents) don't pull their hair out. I was getting tires put on my car and while I was waiting browsed a few magazines and wrote down some ideas - cute ones at

My mom had 2 dr. appointments yesterday. The first with her liver doctor. He did a CAT scan which revealed that her liver was regenerating and did have cysts on it, but there was no reason for concern so he said he'd see her in 6 months. Then, she went to a dermatologist who did a "mohs" procedure on her nose. She has skin cancer and this is an in depth procedure that removes surrounding tissue thus removing all cancerous cells. They got it all (they check it before they put her back together) but she is pretty sore today. The last time they removed from the s ame place (but didn't do Mohs), her face was severly swollen and she had black eyes. This morning she hadn't looked in the mirror.

The boys are busy planning their weekend with mom, or actually - with their friends. They say they see me all week anyways. Even lil Rylan is trying to get out of the house -- he asked if his could go to his CUZZZZIN, Lucas' house. Despite his attempt to be big, Mason is still very much a momma's boy. First he asked if he could stay at Ethan's Friday night. Then he asked if Ethan could come to our house. Finally, he said -- "mom, do you want me to stay home with you?" So sweet!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I can't believe I haven't blogged in so long! Baseball has begun. I love baseball season. It's super crazy because all three boys are playing, but I love it. Last night at Dalton's practice I almost got hit with a ball...seriously! It landed in my chair, as I ducked to the side. I screamed, "I didn't know I was supposed to bring my glove"! funny. Dennnis and I were at Sports Authority over the weekend, bought some stuff for the boys and I found a glove I wanted...a pink one. I figured I could probably get one at wal-mart cheaper, but I doubt they have pink ones. Oh...and I found a fishing pole I wanted. It was pink too. I'm such a girly girl.

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