Friday, April 30, 2010

Finally Friday

Good day, grumpy mood. Last night/this morning were pretty emotional for me -- as far as my kids go. A mother is instinctively the protector and when I feel like i have no control or the issue is out of my hands, I get a little freaked out...okay, a LOT freaked out.

I'm wearing a maxi dress today that I bought a few weeks ago. I put it on this mornign with some wedges and hated it -- I think it's meant for flats, which puts me back on wedding shoes...I want flat wedding sandals. There - done - decided! Now I still have to find them.

I ordered some books on amazon last week and they started rolling in on Wednesday, so I began reading a book called "I Will Carry You: The Sacred Dance of Joy and Grief". My SIL lost little Logan over a year ago so the story is somewhat close to my heart. One of my favorite bloggers commented on it and gave it kudos. I read the first chapter online and was hooked. It's not only about losing a child, but also about faith and how God heals. I'm a few chapters in but it's not a long book and I plan to finish it up this weekend.

Busy weekend ahead. Our flooring will be installed today so we'll start putting the house back together and maybe rearranging, but definitely, reorganizing. I want to register at Target this weekend for our wedding, look for clothes for the groom & his buds, see a movie "The Back Up Plan", crawfish boil on Saturday night and maybe, just maybe get a little rest *sigh*.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Shoe Obsessed Bride

I'm getting back to blogging!

I've got a wedding coming up and so much going on with planning and all. What's my biggest issue, you ask? SHOES! I'm completely torn! On one hand I want something super trendy me (ha), on the other, I need something practical and heel-less aka wedges and most wedges are cork-styled which look a little too casual for a bride.

I found some hand painted works of art which I nixed because, well... I think they may be too "over the top". What do you think? For whatever reason I am completely obsessed with peacock colors, don't hate - I just like green/blue and the feather looks very majestic. I've even considered a feather for my first tattoo (don't tell my mom).

THEN....I decided I could create the masterpiece myself since I can't find exactly what I want. I found this DIY version from wedding bee

So for now...I'm moving on to another wedding related project: hair accessories, music, candy bar, groom attire, etc.

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