A little more about me

I come from a large family, I'm #6 of 7 kids.  Our ages span 20+ years.  I had a great childhood which I remember mostly with my younger brother Jon (we're 3 years apart).  My other siblings are 10+ yrs older than me and I don't remember much about us growing up together.  I was quite the rebellious teenager (who wasn't, right?). 

I married right out of high school (see-rebellious)....at the ripe age of twenty....yes, 20!  I thought he was "the one".  We were married for 12+ years and  had three beautiful children.  As I got older, I realized....well....there were things that I would not put up with or expose my children to.  I finally got the balls to leave and did just that.  It was not pretty.

In the meantime, I met a guy named Dennis that was similarly in a bad relationship.  Initially that's what we had in common.  Over time, we developed a friendship.  I thought he was pretty awesome.  I was trying to think of friends of mine that I could set him up with because he was a catch, then one day it clicked....why not me?

There's a bunch of stuff I could fill in here about dating/relationship/divorce/kids/etc and I might at some point, but today I'm just adding the "page" :-)

Fast-forward to today...I am happily, happily, happily married to an amazing man.  In 2012 we added to our family -- another boy of course.  Today I commute to Dallas to my full time job of 20+ years, juggle the schedules of four boys, do my best to manage our household,  and try REALLY hard to be a good wife!   

My life is pretty awesome and every day I am thankful!

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I am a 30 something Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Friend. I have 3 amazing sons, an incredible husband and 3 fur babies.