Tuesday, November 25, 2008


So much of my recent blogs are such ramblings. I guess that’s the purpose, but still.

I’m looking forward to the holidays…sort of. I love the togetherness you feel around Thanksgiving & Christmas. The boys and I are joining my D-da’s family for turkey day. It’s been a while since we’ve seen them so I am looking forward to it. The dynamics are so different. They have a small family and therefore less drama. It will be nice!

Afterwards, we’ll drop off the boys with their dad to spend some time with his family. I’m still trying to figure out if there’s anything in the ads worth getting up at 5:00 AM but that was in my plan.

I need to get our new tree from my bro and put it up, have the kids help decorate …

Friday, November 21, 2008


jimmy's dad is going to pull through. this man must have 9 lives...or 12 or 15... they plan to move him to a regular room by tomorrow. his head injury is pretty significant but didn't penetrate far enough to cause any brain damage. his recollection of what happened is still shady.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I Need Happy

I need happy. My honey sent me flowers and that definitely put a smile on my face, but I admit I am in a bit of a funk. Drama, holidays, stress, my car is about to fall apart, the list goes on but listing all of the issues would force me to think about them and all I want to do is think happy things. So......with that said, I found a happy list...an email sent to me some time ago that I look at from time to time. I hope you enjoy and I hope it puts a smile on your face.

Sing in the shower - Treat everyone you meet like you want to be treated - Watch a sunrise at least once a year - Leave the toilet seat in the down position - Never refuse homemade brownies - Strive for excellence, not perfection - Plant a tree on your birthday - Learn three clean jokes - Return borrowed vehicles with the gas tank full - Compliment three people every day - Never waste an opportunity to tell someone you love them - Leave everything a little better than you found it - Keep it simple - Think big thoughts but relish small pleasures - Become the most positive and enthusiastic person you know - Floss your teeth - Ask for a raise when you feel you've earned it - Be forgiving of yourself and others - Over tip breakfast waitresses - Say "thank you" a lot - Say "please" a lot - Avoid negative people - Buy whatever kids are selling on card tables in their front yards - Wear polished shoes - Remember other people's birthdays - Commit yourself to constant improvement - Carry jumper cables in your trunk - Have a firm handshake - Send lots of Valentine cards. Sign them, "Someone who thinks you're terrific - Look people in the eye - Be the first to say "Hello" - Use the good silver - Return all things you borrow - Make new friends but cherish the old ones - Keep secrets - Sing in a choir - Plant flowers every spring - Have a dog - Always accept an outstretched hand - Stop blaming others. Take responsibility for every area of your life - Wave a kids on school buses - Be there when people need you - Feed a stranger's expired parking meter - Don't expect life to be fair - Never underestimate the power of love - Drink champagne for no reason at all - Live your life as an exclamation, not an explanation - Don't be afraid to say, "I made a mistake" - Don't be afraid to say, "I don't know" - Compliment even small improvements - Keep your promises (no matter what) - Marry only for love - Rekindle old friendships - Count your blessings - Call you mother

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

extended ex-family stuff

early this morning, actually as i was walking out the door, i got a call that something had happened at my "ex-father-in-law's" house...police were there taping off his yard and treating it as a crime scene. as calmly as i could, i dropped the boys off at school and went to his house. oh, but who should be there? ex-husband's white trash girlfriend (wtg). i am the bigger person so I tried to console her and find out what was going on. several officers were there, investigators and an ambulance crew. all we knew was that he was found in his driveway early this morning by a neighbor, unconscious and lying in a puddle of blood. now, he and i have never gotten along. we have had a difference of opinion on things that are acceptable. after talking to the ex- I headed to parkland hospital to try and find out his condition. i arrived at the hospital, nervous and alone. when i asked the information desk about him, they said there was an 'unidentified John Doe' that was transported from waxahachie. she then told me the chaplain would be out to talk to me. i lost it. i really thought i had no tears to shed for this man. there are definitely a lot of past issuses that were never addressed. i realized at that point that i may be identifying his body and tried to figure out the best way to tell his son, my ex-husband, who was on his way to dallas from houston. i was overcome with emotion. i called a friend to come be with me because i was not sure what was ahead. at that point, i realized how short life is. how everything you have could be taken in an instant. i felt like i was in an ER episode. the doctor came in and explained that he had gone into cardiac arrest upon arrival and CPR had to be performed to resusitate him. his body temperature was 70 degrees -- almost 30 degrees less than the average core body temp. they were sending him to SICU (surgical ICU) where they had performed a CAT scan to see if there was any head trauma and evaluating his condition. he was in critical condition. the sweet chaplain stayed with me and walked me up the waiting room. when wtg arrived and i told her the status, she was hysterical. i guess i had my moments in private so again, i tried to console. it was a strange situation. finally jimmy arrived. we got updates from the doctor and felt much better about the outcome. they were trying to stabilize him and slowly raise his body temperature. the update was promising. as of now, it looks like he will pull through although it's too early to know the extent of any damage.


take time to tell your family and friends that you love them. say it often. mean it. don't wait until it's too late. show and tell them. don't wait for a special day. don't wait for tomorrow.
if your parents are still alive, tell them how much you appreciate all they taught you.
if you are a parent, tell your children, how proud you are of them. if you have a spouse, tell them what it is about them that you love.

So tell them, now, and every chance you get. you never know what the "bigger plan" is

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Moving on

I think…I HOPE that my ex- and I are at a point that we can have calm conversations without losing our cool. We were together for so long, we knew the buttons to push that would send the other into complete insanity…and we did it! The last few weeks have resulted in some parenting dilemma’s that required our cooperation and I was pleasantly surprised that we were able to work together.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Ridiculous addiction

i love reality tv. i think i just want a peek into how the other half (the ones with money) really live. envious? nah.... i think it's more curious. Some of the stupid, yet "can't miss" shows are: Real World/Road Rules Challenge, Jon & Kate plus 8 (they had a set of twins, then wanted one more and had a set on sextuplets. if they can do it with 8 kids...surely I can manage 3), America's Next Top Model (I catch this on weekend re-runs), The Hills and last but not least, The Girls Next Door. I guess this one catches my attention because really.... who wouldn't "date" an 80 year old man to get all of the perks of living at the Playboy Mansion. I would. Maybe...but that would mean I would have to be thin, blonde, under the age of 30. Okay, so rules me out....just another reason I am intrigued by it. Bridget, Holly and Kendra are moving on and letting some young little skank ho's move right in. Holly is just a dingbat. She was his #1 girl. how do you think that makes the other girls feel? So rumor has it that she's dating Criss Angel, the Mindfreak, or just freaky guy. Bridget is not publicly with anyone in particular, although she's my favorite. I love her dog. It's a pekingese named "Wednesday". kendra is the young 'en of the group and is recently engaged to a football player. She's crazy, wild, fun but young....KENDRA...DON'T DO IT....you're too young!!!!! See, this is bad. I really feel like I know them. But I think when the new "girls" move in, I'm done. so....I suppose my addiction could be worse.

Something new

I love learning something new...especially when it's something I think I will use.

...back in the day, there was a feature to print your screen, I needed to print a list of files and low and behold, you can still do it.

If you want to know how, you have to email me. :-)

Thursday, November 6, 2008


(strěs). noun. physical, mental, or emotional strain or tension

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