Thursday, February 26, 2009

exhausted (ĭg-zôsted')

I have been so exhausted lately. I walk in the door and could literally, crawl into bed and go to sleep. That is, unless I REALLY, REALLY want to sleep and then my mind races and I'm up at 11:45 eating uncrustables.

The boys have baseball 'evaluations' on Saturday and haven't picked up a ball since this time last year, so practice was in order. Tuesday night love muffin came over and played catch with the boys. I sat on the front porch and watched as dinner was creating itself. After dinner, he helped Dalton with his homework and I watched the season finale of Real Housewives of Orange County. I felt like such a loser, but I was SO tired! I should have been the one helping with homework, although he's much better at 6th grade math.

Monday, February 23, 2009

One. One Opportunity. One Existence.

I am just a spirit on a crazy human journey. Life is all about decisions. Decisions as simple as what to wear, or decisions more complex such as who do I want to be and how do I make that happen? Every day we are faced with opportunities that ultimately mold us into the people we are. This is it. You get no second chance….no do-over. Fill yourself and those around you with love and happiness. Hug your children. Love. Have no regrets because tomorrow is not guaranteed. You cannot re-write your past, but you can re-write your future.

Reasons I love being a mom to 3 boys...

  • There is always someone to talk to or cuddle.
  • If I'm not available for talking or cuddling, chances are a brother is.
  • We have an abundant supply of hand-me-downs.
  • I get more hugs and kisses in any given day then I know what to do with!
  • Food rarely has a chance to go bad.
  • Quiet is overrated.
  • I like truly "needing" a vehicle larger than a 4-dr car.
  • I always have at least one willing helper.
  • My life is never boring and my heart is always full.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Kids say the darndest things

The other night Rylan came into the living room, with his cute, still somewhat baby talk and said...coco-nut bwas. I had to ask several times before i realized he was saying, coconut bra. I have no idea where this topic came from, but it was hilarious to me. I laughed, he kept repeating it.

This morning, I asked Dalton to ride the bus, it saves me time in the morning. His response..."you just want to ruin my life". Okay, really? Was that necessary? For riding the bus?

I continue my morning journey. I am in the drop off line at Mason's school. I turn around and tell him -"... you can't go outside until homework is finished and you need to clean up the bathroom floor from the bath last night. Have a good day. I love you." Mason's response..."I don't love you". SLAM.

Two down, one more to go.

Rylan was already grumpy. He is NOT a morning person. He didn't get out of bed but wanted cereal. I reluctantly agreed to let him take cereal in the car. As the car moved, so did the cereal, he cries -- "mommy, you're making it fall all over me. You're a bad mommy". I finally stopped and told him to dump the bowl. I get to Rylan's school. The director waits for the kids at the door and will unload them from the car (another HUGE help in getting them all delivered in the morning). She walks to Rylan's side -- he starts screaming....I want my mommy! Now, wait a second...10 minutes ago I was bad, now you want me?

I know they are kids, but I hope they understand that words are very hurtful. They really ruined my morning. I'm on my way out the door now to see what the evening holds for the boys and I. It can only get better! :-)


Some of my favorite blogs to keep up with.....

This one is sad, yet uplifting about a little girl who lost her battle with cancer

Kelly has the cutest baby ever...Harper. She is a doll and they dress her up with big bows and flowers -- completely girly. She dealt with some challenges early on, but now is adjusting to life at home.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Puppy Palooza

I'm on a big time dog/puppy kick (again). I go through this frequently, usually with nothing more than viewing my 30 links to dog sites every day (yes...seriously, I'm addicted). I'm debating big dog, little dog. My little dog choices are: havanese, lhapso apso and my big dog choices are golden doodle or labradoodle. I think I want a female. Presley might not been so keen on sharing with another boy. not sure. Here's a labradoodle. he is adorable. I would get him but the whole boy and boy thing.....Hmmmmmmmm

My friend sandie says I need a puppy patch. I'm addicted!

Happy Birthday Dad

My dad shares his birthday with St. Cupid Valentine. We decided to have a 70th birthday party for him. Family get together. I love them! With such a large family, you'd think we see each other frequently but for the most part, we don't, with the exception of a few. We all brought food, cooked out and enjoyed one another's company. It was nice. I can't believe my dad is 70. He looks more and more like his father, my Paw Paw. Here's my dad with the newest addition to the family, Ethan Carter Seymore. I grabbed the baby seat as soon as they walked in the door, but because it was his birthday, dad got to hold him first.

Happy Valentine's Day

valentine's day was exciting, but not the way you think. It was the day of Mason's b-day party, had to register boys for baseball, the gas company turned off my gas on Friday to install a new meter (and becasue they found a leak) and for some reason, I had partial gas service in my house. Strange, but true. Family was going to a comedy show so I had 2 extra kids on their way, still needed to feed all 6 boys, pick up cake and be at the party locale by 1. Thankfully, Dennis helped me out...he is so awesome! Everything was taken care of in time. Party was fun. I'm very..."involved" as a mom, so I was out there with the kids, bouncing, swinging, jumping and balancing. At one point, I was walking on the balance beam and told the kids to leave me alone, I was practicing for the Olympics. LOL. I crack myself up sometimes! This is me, swinging on the rope and falling into the foam pit. getting out was the difficult part! Fun times

Friday, February 13, 2009

Dear Mason

Dear Mason,
I’m not quite sure how you woke up as an independent eight-year old, when I clearly remember just yesterday, bringing you home from the hospital and you fit snugly in the bend of my arm. I remember the milestones you’ve passed over these last eight years and I cannot believe that you are now so tall, so smart, so handsome and so…eight! You are such a sweet boy.

I am the luckiest mom on the planet and I’m glad you are MY son. I am glad you still hug me and that my kisses are enough to make things right in your world.

Today is YOUR day – enjoy and have a good one!

With heartfelt love,

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My boys

When my boys were young, I tried to write them a letter every year around their birthday. The hustle and bustle of life at some point got in the way and I didn't make it a priority. This year...2009....I want to get back on track. It's a reflection over time for me, as well as a keepsake for them and hopefully, a "happy" for their day. My boys are my everything. They are the reason I laugh and smile, and sometimes the reason I cry. If I could want anything in life, I would want my boys to be happy and healthy. I cannot imagine life without them. They are so rewarding. Tomorrow is Mason's birthday, which initiated this entire blog. I am writing him a letter....I will post later.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Can't we all just get along?

I've been watching The Bachelor, one of my guilty pleasures. Stephanie, the sweetest (not not a good match for Jason) girl on the show was let go. She was interviewed yesterday morning on the radio and...what a nice person. Genuinely kind. She could not say anything negative about anyone else on the show. Why can't we all be like this? Instead of bashing other people and talking negatively, find the goodness in everyone. Try it!

Monday, February 9, 2009


Can you say the B word in a really big way? That's I am in a foul mood. Not sure why. I had a good weekend. I'm just very easily irritated. Maybe I just need a good night's sleep......


Why can't I be photogenic? I hate it. I have multiple chins, my belly looks 5 months preggers, eyes are either closed or squinting. ugh. I surely must see myself through rose colored glasses because when I leave my house, I feel like I look a little better than the pictures show. I am going on vacation in 2 months and I want to be in my own vacation photos. The obvious answer here would be to get in shape...exercise, something. I think the time changes in early March....maybe then. ugh!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Good Bye Bessie

After 198,000 miles and ten years, good ole Bessie is gone. She was a good car. I brought two of my three babies home in her. Many memories. It wasn't a difficult decision. The week prior I spent over $500 making repairs. Once I picked her up, I was told that SOON, I would need to invest at least another $500 to keep her running. The decision was made. If anyone needs a car, contact Robby at D&M. I was nervous about buying a car, but the process was very smooth and painless. Here's my new car......Haven't named her yet, but I'm thinking about it.

Girl time

It's not too often that I have a "girl date", or in this case, a "girl DAY". A friend was celebrating her birthday and I'm convinced her birthday should be a national holiday. It's always a big deal. Good company....good times. We started off at Buffalo Wild Wings in Mansfield. I'd never been to a BWW. We ate, drank and played trivia. Then, off to roller skate. Yes...a bunch of 30 something girls on roller skates. I've entertained yoga for several years so I wasn't too worried about my balance. I was more concerned about little kids getting in my way. I kept saying I would just run them over but when it came down to it, I just couldn't. We skated. Our shins hurt. Our thighs hurt. I tried to "shoot the duck". Don't know why....I don't think I could do it when I was 12! Sara was successful in her duck shooting efforts, as was Mica. Need beer-must leave. We then went to The Pub for a few drinks and fried green beans because we had time to kill before Game Night began. Game night was hilarious. We played spoons (quite dangerous), JackAss and the best game of the night....Loaded Questions (adult version). We had a good time. I can SO appreciate spending time with friends and I hope to do it again.

unsuccessful shoot the duck

Sara did it!

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