Monday, August 31, 2009

I don't do Monday's

ugh. i'm not a morning person, and especially not a MONDAY morning person. my kids aren't either. unfortunately, it makes for chaos and temper tantrums to start our week. i was up last night with kids and dogs, so i didn't get a good night's sleep. rylan woke up, i put him in dalton's bed, dalton kicked him out (literally), rylan started crying again. it was a rough night and even rougher (is that a word) morning.

Since school started (last monday) I leave the house with my hair wet and let it air dry, and let me just say, i prefer my hair straight and shiny. I'm a mess. I went to belk and the crack house (aka target) yesterday and nothing fit. I know I've put on weight in the last year, but I do nothing, have energy for nothing and expect it to just fall off of me because I want it to. I told den last night that I want to start walking every evening. we'll see if i can make that happen. I've been overwhelmed and out of control lately, and I need to regain some of that.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Glad that's over

Whew. I finally finished a project that I've been working on for weeks - literally. It kept coming back to haunt me. Last night I even had nightmares about it, but about an hour ago I sent it to the owner and marked it off my to do list. Now, onto other things. Lately, there is no shortage of work here, or at home. Busy - Busy - Busy.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hump Day

Thank goodness it's Wednesday - one day closer to the weekend. I really hope to get some REST this weekend. The last few have been so busy, I will welcome a break -- even if it's just a nap each day. Work is crazy busy -- lots of deadlines to be met, school back in session and moving. I have a great renter at my house and I intend to be a really good Landlord. :-) Helped Rylan work on his school project, Den helped Mason, then the boys went to ride skateboards with their friend. They just came in so I need to feed them, fix lunches for tomrorow and crawl on the bed to relax. I hope the evening works out as planned. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Concert time

Earlier this year I met up with my friend Jill and we went to see Celine Dion. Yes, I know - don't laugh. LOVE her! I can sing along with probably every song of hers. Luckily my love muffin was spared from this one. He said he would have gone, if absolutely necessary (he's so awesome). Last weekend we went to Def Leppard, Poison & Cheap Trick. What a change of pace from Celine. We met some friends, sat (or stood) on the lawn and took in the 80/90's rock bands that signify my high school years. We had a blast. I wasn't ready for it to be over. Next month I'm going with a girlfriend to see Pink. I'm all over the board when it comes to music -- I don't fall into one genre, I like it all.
Me and love muffin.

This is my friend, and hairdresser Cara and I. I was wearing a shirt, you just can't see it. LOL


Can the teacher's cut the parents a little slack? It's day two and have had homework every night. Besides unpacking, cooking dinner, cleaning and bathtime, we now are trying to work in homework - not to mention that I was stuck in traffic today so I got home late. Ugh! I hope I get some R-E-S-T this weekend. I could sure use it! Must get back to Rylan's project. Ahem, I mean, HELP him with his project -- All About Me book.

living in chaos

Blogging has fallen to the bottom of my to do list but i hope to get back on track. Besides the back to school activities, we also had to completely move out of the sycamore house this weekend, which left us wall to wall in boxes and among complete chaos. I know it will take some time to sort through what's there but we will get there!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

too busy

sorry for my lack o' blogging lately -- i've been super busy. i've taken on some additional work at work, and school starts back next week (for Ry) and the following for the other boys so I've been trying to get organized, get forms completed, shots, orientations, etc.

taking off work tomorrow to spend the day with my boys.

hopefully i'll get back on track next week

Friday, August 7, 2009

Ambien rocks!

I was an ambien-addict for quite a while. During the divorce, after the divorce, my mind would race and I had a difficult time sleeping. I'd had a few episodes of sleep eating and I was convinced ambien was solely responsible for my weight gain. I tried other sleeping pills but most everything had some sort of side effect that I wasn't willing to live with. Around April I took myself OFF ambien...went cold turkey. I could sleep without help -- it was great. Wednesday night I was exhausted and ready to go to bed, but once I got there, I couldn't turn off my mind and in turn, couldn't sleep. Thursday I was dragging. I decided last night that I would take an ambien so I could get a good night's sleep. and I did. until about 4 AM when I awoke and couldn't go back to sleep, even with the perfect hum of love muffin's snores. I got enough rest and I feel refreshed.

This morning I talk to love muffin and he tells me that I was loco last night. I asked him what he was talking about and he told me that I was singing nursery rhymes, talking about flowers, birds, colors...apparently it was quite entertaining. The problem is that I don't remember at all! That's a bit scary.


So we have a mucho busy weekend planned. Taking the boys to the lake tomorrow for one last time before school starts...not that we can't go during school, but it's been our staycation since we didn't get to go anywehre as a family this year and I don't know if my Puerto Vallarta trip counts because it was in April which seems SOOOOOO long ago! I want to start planning a mexico vacation next summer with the boys, I think it would be fun. Okay, focus -- back to the weekend. Sunday the boys have to go with their dad because he is delivering them to ex-MIL. My mom is out of town next week and she and my dad keep the boys during the summer. I think dad could handle it but he tends to get easily frustrated. I need to finish buying school supplies, it's always been a "group effort" and when I went the first time, I couldn't buy everything cuz I needed my three little helpers.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Boy oh Boy

I'm so ready to see my boys!!!! The were with their dad over the wekeend, then last night they wanted to stay at grandma's so they could sleep in, so I haven't seen them since Thursday. Dalton asked me earlier if I could pick them up "late" so they could go fishing down the street. Geez! I guess he's getting to the age where mom isn't so cool and I'm the last person he wants to be around; good thing I have two more that aren't yet convinced!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Angel prevailed

oh yea...I was good. Sat. we worked at the old house - yardwork, I sorted clothes [fit vs. don't fit], boxed up stuff. Pretty productive. Rested for about an hour and it was time to go to the Rangers game. BUT, it was POURING!!!! We decided to head to arlington amidst the FLOOD but once we hit I-20, it was open, blue skies. great seats, great company, fun time! Yesterday, I slept until 1:15 in the afternoon. I haven't done that in ages. but I woke in a panic because I had a "to do" list that would never get completed because I slept half the day away. so what did I do? throw in the towel and call it a day. not very exciting, i know....but sometimes I like it that way.

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