Friday, December 3, 2010

Sweet goodness

for the last three years, the girls in my family get together every december and make homemade candy. i think the initial idea was to give it as gifts but my family ends up eating all that we make, so it's merry christmas to us! i'm looking forward to spending time with my girls and holding babies! oh...i can't wait. Baby Braxton and Mia will both be there. I may spend more time with the babies than in the kitchen. I'll nominate myself as official baby holder for the day. as if i didn't already have baby fever, this will kick it into high gear.

since we are all moved back into our house, unpacked and pretty much settled in, we pulled the tree out of the attic & set it up. i usually decorate any space in my house with christmas decor but this year, with the move and all, i wasn't exactly in the mood for unpacking and repacking MORe boxes, so we just put out the tree and decorated it. the kids seem okay with that. maybe they never noticed the snowmen and reindeer and mr & mrs clause's.

a very dear friend of mine lost her mother unexpectedly last week. my heart is so heavy for her right now. i cannot imagine that loss. i have no words that will comfort her. i just pray for peace for cara and her family.

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