Friday, July 31, 2009

Weekend Plans

Den and I have SO much to do. The kids are with their dad this weekend so that frees us up to work around the house and tie up some loose ends; unfortunately, when the kids are away, i like to play. Let's I want to stain the dresser, or go to Canton? It's such a toss up. Yea, not reallly. We'll see if the angel or devil prevails this weekend!!! Wish me luck.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Showing the furry family some love

I love my fur, four-legged family. Love, Love. Presley loves riding in the car so if I'm going for a quick ride, he gets to go. Last night we were going to grab a bite to eat and as we walk towards the door, Presley & Georgia both come running. I hope the car door and they both jump in. Georgia used to be TERRIFIED of riding in the car -- she would literally shake. Don't laugh but we couldn't agree on one place for dinner (aka fast food) so stop #1 was Chick-Fil-A for Rylan and Mason. Georgia was in the front seat with Dalton. The girl at the window hands me a little milk bone for Georgia.....Awwww.....I told her we had another dog in the back, so she gave me another treat for Presley. Next stop, Wendy's. Again -- "ma''s a treat for your dog". and again, "can I have another?" I'll never get my dogs out of the car at this rate. Third stop, Taco Bueno (I didn't feel like crossing over to JITB). I wanted to ASK if they had a treat for my dog but I'm sure the guy behind the counter would think I was NUTSO. No treat at the bueno, but that's okay, I wasn't fond of the food so I won't be going back!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Doc says I'm suffering from a migraine. I just didn't realize it could last this long, but I guess since I wasn't treating it with anything other than advil or tylenol...? I have pressure built up in my ears, like when you get on an airplane, but my ears haven't "popped" per se, and this will go away in time. Nothing like being in pain and knowing there's nothing that can be done about it. Thank goodness it's not a constant pain. I haven't had a migraine in almost 2 years, but the pain in my left eyebrow is all too familiar! I'm on the mend

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

To the Doc

going to the doctor today....i can't take it anymore. I can feel my pulse in my ears, it hurts that bad.. I put on a brave front because I'm a mom and mom's aren't supposed to be sick. Last night I was in bed and rylan came in to sneak a little cuddle time and he was rubbing my head...such a sweetheart. i have to self diagnose before I go in and while I was initially convinced it was a sinus infection, I'm now leaning towards migraine symptoms...although I haven't had a migraine in a VERY long time. I just want to feel better regardless of what it is. I actually have 2 appointments with 2 diferent offices. Old doctor -- love him, work in appointment. New doctor -- booked, scheduled to see nurse pract. I'll be seeing old doctor today.

Monday, July 27, 2009


Friday I had an earache, headache and sore throat. Went home, took benadryl and crashed. Today---still have an earache. It's not constant, so it's bearable, but geez!

Saturday went to the old house and worked....and worked....and loaded up shoes. MOST of my shoes are safe and sound and WITH me! :-) Whew

I feel like this move is dragging me down. I wish....I wish I had dozens of prepared boxes and a roll of tape and could just go in, box up, tape up and send on, but I am sorting as I go...deciding what goes with, what goes to the donation box and what "someone" Might want...The latter is where I'm going wrong, it goes or it doesn't -- should be cut & dry, but I'm a pack rat, clutter collector, whatever you want to call it, and by golly it's HARD to part with some things. So, I just hold onto it for another round. My goal to be out is August 1st so that gives me a week. I hope once the furniture is out, I will be motivated to finish up and get outta there for good! Moving is bittersweet, but I usually spend at least a moment, shedding a tear or two.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


much needed girls' night is Friday. keeno actually. can't wait to visit with the gals -- fun times!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Oh...watching a commercial right now for my next novel....The Time Traveler's Wife. Time to order a book.

I read My Sister's Keeper before the movie came out but I still haven't watched the movie -- it'll be heartbreaking and I haven't wanted to sit and cry for 2 hours.

Monday, July 20, 2009

I blog because that's what I do

I blog when I'm happy; I blog when I'm sad; I blog when I'm frustrated; I blog, I blog, I blog!

Today's blog feeling - frustration

In my early parenting years, I often wondered what I was doing wrong. My kids fought constantly. I assumed it was a phase. Hoped it was a phase. I was wrong. I never fought with my brother growing up. We were the best playmates. I didn't understand. I still don't understand.

Ring~Ring. Dalton's phone number is displayed on caller id. My thought - what now? He already called and described how he was going to spend every penny of his birthday money on cleats for football (which with patience, I would've bought), basketball shoes (hmmmm...that is months away), a chin strap and a hat. I tried explaining that after the football meeting mid-August, they would tell us what we needed. Okay, back on track. What now? I answer the phone to Dalton, frantic, crying....I can't even understand him. through the blubbering tears, I manage to catch - "mason stabbed me in the arm with a fork". huh? twilight zone......WTF!?!? I ask if my mom or dad are there to find out what really happened, leading up to this. If you know dalton, you know that he NEVER does anything to instigate... I'm still not sure of the details. I'll call later to find out -- all I DO know is that it was Dalton AND Mason - both of them, so BOTH of them are in trouble. good thing I have time to think about their punishment - I'm none too happy at the moment!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


That is my only comment for today - just ugh.

I have a busy weekend ahead. Taking off work tomorrow to take care of some things that can only be handled during regular business hours, which are the same as mine. It is times like these that make me wish I worked closer to home -- some of these things could really be lunch hours, but since I don't have that convenience, I bundle them all into one day and take off, which isn't exactly feeling like a "vacation" day - but whatever.
  • Pick up letter from cornerstone to confirm Rylan's identity.
  • Go to the social security office and sit (hopefully not long) to request a replacement card for Rylan.
  • Uniform shirt for Rylan. go to store to check sizing, order (Duncanville)
  • Pay bills (I hope I can squeeze some out of this check)
  • Take photos of the house for marketing purposes
  • Box up (more) of the house....when will this end??
  • Contact ARC to schedule pick up of furtniure & household goods -- I'm done garage selling, just get it outta here!

Hopefully I can squeeze in a LITTLE r&r or something fun - pedicure? swimming?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happy Birthday to Dalton

he is TWELVE today!!!! he & mason spent the night with nana & pops (or papa as he keeps referring to him). they spent yesterday afternoon fishing from the dock. dalton learned to clean a fish -- 4 of them actually. he got a new pole for his birthday and when he comes home tomorrow, he plans to use his birthday money for a new skateboard. that money is burning a hole in his pocket!

My Mom meets future Mom-in-Law

I think throughout the 1+ year relationship with my love muffin, I've dreaded this moment. We've discussed it before but I think I always pushed it to the back of my mind, and hoped I could prolong the inevitable.

F-MIL: It's nice to meet you. ..... I'm so glad that they found each other....

MOM: Well, we'll see -- only time will tell

WTF? Could she show maybe just a little support and happiness (ha) thrown in my direction? Can you say pessimist?

My newest guilty pleasure

Can you say addicted? It's a little bit ebay but a LOT of original. I can't stop surfing the jewelry section where there are so many originals pieces.

Monday, July 13, 2009


I want these for the Def Leppard concert next month -- aren't they cool???

Busy Weekend

What a weekend! Saturday Dalton had his birthday party. I figured he was old enough (12) to invite whomever he wanted, so he did. He had 4 boys, 3 girls over plus his brothers. We're working on a tight budget so I made cupcakes and decorated as "beach themed". I'll upload pics tomorrow. I thought they turned out cute & I bow to the Cake Boss! Decorating is not an easy task! I think it turned out well.

My mom thought she had round peppermint with the red stripe (which was to be the beach ball), but turned out they were plain white, so I dipped them in red food coloring....the red marshmellow thing is supposed to be a beach ball....

Yesterday I went to work on the old house. The boys went to their dad's (first time since June 21st -- yea, don't ask unless you want an earful) and ended up spending the night. Of course I didn't know this initially so I was trying to hurry & finish so I could pick them up. I probably didn't make much headway at the old house...I really needed help to motivate me. It'll get done eventually! Yesterday afternoon my friend Beth came over with food (she is a GREAT cook). We cooked out, swam and ate. I had a full tummy & was ready for bed but found it difficult to turn off my mind, which continued to race until I finally went to the couch & turned on the TV for a few hours. Needless to say, I'm beat today!

Thursday, July 9, 2009's July 9th?

I feel like I'm in a twilight zone, my life on fast-forward. Mid summer. 168 days until Christmas. Wow.

My oldest son turns 12 on the 14th. I can't believe I have a 12 yr old. My youngest starts kindergarten in August. And smack in the middle sweet child, is changing schools this year, but I think it will be a great change!

Time flies when you're having fun. Or time just flies - regardless of the fun factor.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Check - Check - Check

I'm whizzing through my "to do" list.

  • Emailed coach about football
  • Dalton is too close to the school to ride the bus
  • Dish network DID receive all but one receiver and have credited me for all equipment
  • Got the schedule for transferring mason to new school zone (northside)
  • Shot clinic for Dalton's shots (need record)
Still need to find Rylan's SS card....hmmmm, where could it be?

I feel like I've made some headway on my home duties. Still not budging on painting the kitchen....I'll work on that one.

Recipe Book

I need a recipe book. Not a cookbook, put a place to store all of my recipes. I print MANY from the internet, use them, then lose them because they are full page (8 1/2 x 11) sheets of paper. I write BIG, so the index cards just don't work for me. What do you use?

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Every room in my house is painted a COLOR - not beige or tan or boring brown, but Red, Gold, Green, now my house seems like a circus...LOL. Den's house - beige with white trim. Everywhere. Rug - beige. Comforter - brown & beige. You see what I'm getting at? So last night, I asked if I could paint A...ONE wall in the kitchen. His response, No. Hmmmmm..... guess I'll have to cover the walls in vibrant art, floor to ceiling. Oh, this is an adjustment.

Clutter, Clutter, Eat Some Butter

Sorry but it's all I could think of the moment my fingers hit the keys. So the boys and I are living with Den. We are by NO means moved completely out of our house, but we brought enough to survive - clothes, shoes, food, television and the wii! I stop by the house randomly to pick up things that I need, but I'm finding more and more, I leave with little in my arms, which poses the thought - I really CAN live without all of the "STUFF". I'm a pack rat. I come by it naturally as my mother is the same - although my sis is not...nonetheless, I keep crap. I had a garage sale a few weeks ago attempting to clear the clutter but it was 'round one'. Den and I had a talk last night about what really needed to come over, what could go in storage, and what goes to file 13. I'm planning to spend some time on Sunday at the old house to sort through more "stuff". I dread it. I'm indecisive on things like this! It is imperative though.

Monday, July 6, 2009

My to do list

My to do list keeps growing:

  • Sort out details for Dalton's birthday
  • Contact the school about Mason changing zones
  • Find out if dalton can ride the bus to/from school
  • Football schedule
  • Call dr & schedule shots for dalton
  • Contact prospective buyer to see the house
  • Clean up the house (somewhat) first
  • Go to the house and box up more stuff
  • sort bills
  • the list goes on.....

Fourth of July

We packed up & headed to Cedar Creek lake. are we there yet? how much longer? i need to go to the bathroom....can't wait. can you believe it's only an hour away? traveling with kids! we stop & get bait...worms! the boys head straight to the dock to start fishing. We had a good afternoon. my sis, her husband and daughter, as well as my nephew, his wife and their son came too. We had BBQ for dinner with chips & dips. Delish! Den got fireworks for the boys but nothing too extravagant. The firework show around the lake was awesome -- better than last year. The boys had fun. we went in the house and all i wanted was a nice, hot shower and a pillow! The boys took a shower in nana's shower (it's bigger) and we got them all clean at once. then I showered and climbed into bed. Fireworks still popping outside my window but it wasn't long before I closed my eyes and fell fast asleep! ahhhhhhhhhhhh. bliss!

We came home yesterday afternoon, I fixed lunch and then flopped on the couch for a nap. The boys worked outside with den & swam. last night we cooked burgers on the grill (yum)

I got to work this morning and to my suprise, my work family brought me birthday goodies (and I thought they'd forgotten about me) :-) These gals are the best! So I've been snacking all day and I guess it's to blame for my sugar rise & fall throughout the day.

Next weekend we're having a b-day party for dalton -- he'll be 12! YIKES. I have to get details sorted out. Call

Happy birthday to me

where oh where to begin? We got off work early on Thursday, so that was a good start. Friday was my birthday. Den went fishing but Dalton woke me up with breakfast (bacon & eggs). We ran some errands and went grocery shopping. We went to Lone Star Park. I love the horse races. My sis gay, her husband and daughter came, as well as my friend Kim and her daughter, Traci, her boyfriend and kids. Rylan made his first bet - $2 on horse #1 -- he won $22! I thought that was awesome. We continued to bet on each race and kept enough to keep playing but overall had a loss. It was fun though. After the races they had fireworks to music -- you could barely hear the music and it echoed but it was enjoyable.

Mason and grandma made me a carrot cake which Mason says was made with LOVE AND JOY! Den got me a PINK fishing pole. You have to know me to understand how much I truly appreciated this gift.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Crazy Morning

Gay and I have been carpooling and dropped of the boys at my mom's house this morning. As we're driving down the road, we notice a man, with a bike on him, lying in the ditch. She rolls down her window and asks if he's okay ~ no response....SIR....SIR..... nothing. She backs up and pulls into the ditch. I jump out of the car and run to him. Check his pulse - faint, but there. I touch his chest - he's breathing. Thank goodness I didn't have to put my CPR skills to use. Gay got him a peach. He said he'd been riding since midnight & had not eaten in several days. He was disoriented so we had him stay on the ground. We got him talking and he told us that he was planning to commit suicide - had a rope tied to his bike to do just that. Several people stopped but went on. I asked one man to call 911 to have someone check him out. Gay put her counseling skills in effect and it was great - she talked to him and helped him feel like he's not alone and nothing is worth taking your life. Paramedics arrived although "mike" didn't want to go with them. The police arrived. He shook his head. He had a warrant so they handcuffed him and put him in the police car. Mixed emotions -- we were sad that he was in trouble, yet hopeful that a roof, food and a bed would help, albeit in jail. I hope he gives life another chance...because my big sis gave him plenty of reasons to do just that!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Georgie Boy

OMG. I just met the ex-President of the United States.....Wow. I'm elated right now.

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