Wednesday, October 21, 2009

To Twit or Tweet

Since I got my much desired iphone, I think I'm set up to tweet effectively, if I chose to. I'm just not so sure I want anyone knowing my every move -- kinda stalkerish, don't ya think?

Another busy week. Last night I had a headache when I left work and it stayed with me until about 9:30.

Today: Tonight we have to bake cupcakes and pick up 2 ltr drinks for Mason's fall festival tomrorow night. I'm also getting my hair cut. I can't decide what to do. I want to grow it out, but this stage sucks! Decisions.....Dalton wants to go to some church even called CHAOS, I told him, open his eyes, we live in chaos every day. lol

Tomorrow night is Mason's festival/carnival at school. Dalton also plays football tomorrow night (is the weather allows). Clone?

Ex and I switched weekends so he could actually spend some time with his kids on the weekends that he has them. He's off this Saturday, so we've planned accordingly... I hope he'll get them Friday night so I can go to the store with love muffin and get a gift for my Ry.

Saturday morning is Ry's birthday party. I need to pick up the cake (early). It's a GI JONES (as Ry calls it) cake - I hope it's cute. After the party they'll go with their dad for the remainder of the weekend. Saturday night we have a costume party to attend. I want to make some creepy food items to take. I found a recipe for a dip with carrots coming out as fingers and almond slivers placed as fingernails. GROSS! I love halloween! My other idea is to make cake balls (kellyskorner recipe) and make them look like eyeballs. Great ideas, I'm lacking on the crafty part. My mom has that trait. I will try though.

So back to my initial thought. I guess blogging is nearly the same as tweeting. When I'm out and about, I'm not really the type to document my every move. I prefer to savor IN the moment.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Southern Belle

THE SOUTHERN BELLE: red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting. YUM. Thanks Matt for the yummy cupckake! You rock!
one perk of working in dallas. Yummy treats that you can't find jsut anywhere. it was so sweet it made me quiver ~~
Perfect end to the day.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Friday night was keeno with the girls. much fun. we talked more than we played. I drank a little much (mental note for next time). My ex- asked me to set him up with one of my friends..WTH?

Last night Den and I went to see COUPLES RETREAT. I love Vince Vaughn. Cute movie. I highly recommend it.

This morning I ran errands, bathed the dogs, started laundry and then went to a Mary Kay facial party at my neice's house. Now I'm home and ready to get cozy for the night. We're having fajitas for dinner.

Oh - I went to target today and only bought what we NEEDED (vs. WANTED). I got the dogs new collars and Georgia a harness....she's so strong and a little b**** that it hard to walk her so I'm trying the harness on her. AND I bought the boys some halloween pencils for $1. Proud of myself.

Gotta start onions & peppers for dinner. Much love to ya'!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

flu flu go away

I must say I feel better at the moment. I'm not planning to run a marathon or anything, but at least I got dressed today. That was a huge step. Mason went back to school. He is still coughing, but fever-free. The house has been disinfected and hopefully we're on the mend.

Life has been crazy lately....a lot has fallen onto my plate and forced me to deal with some ME things. I need to take responsibility for me, my children and the future. There...said it. Whew, now the action part. lol Steals and deals are just that, but bargain shopping for Tobey, or shopping period, for Tobey is coming to a halt. I've convinced myself that I can live the simple life, but my actions are showing otherwise. I don't need STUFF to be happy. I don't. I know I don't, but I empty my closets to consignment and donations, only to start filling them back up. I need to find control in my life and this new found "budget" he speaks of, will help me gain it back. No more frivolous spending. No more target (aka crack house) binges. No more shoe dazzle. I'm living on a budget and within my means - that is my new motto.

I'm supposed to play keeno with the girls Friday night. I HOPE HOPE HOPE I feel well enough to enjoy some girl time. Living with 4 boys....I need it.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Saturday snapshot

Canton was fun - I was tired though, after walking around ALL day -- we never stopped to sit down, probably because we couldn't find a seat. We even ate our corn dogs standing. Fun trip -- got some cute shirts, a jacket and some jewelry. They had the instyler for $50 but I couldn't convince myself to get it.

Last night love muffin and I went to the Texas Theater to watch The Dallahachie Boys perform. I had not been to the Texas Theater since it was an actual theater. I went with Jack Hughes and he put his arm around me and I was scared he wanted to kiss me. LOL. I think it was 6th grade.

This morning I got a call from Uncle Dustin that Mason was running fever and not feeling well. I went to pick him up and made a dr. appointment. Swine flu. Poor baby, as soon as the doctor walked out after telling us, he broken into tears. All of the hype on the news had him scared. She came back and assured him that he would be okay.

We came home, I made him some chicken noodle soup and he played on the computer....yes, the same computer I'm typing on right now. We all took naps this afternoon. I heart naps. When I got up, I started couging and my shoulders and neck hurt. I left my vitamins at work. Crap! Cross your fingers.

OH -- and big news, I got my iphone. Ordered it about 4 yesterday and it was delivered today -- still getting set up now so nothing to report really

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